Learning to Thrive

“Mission adventures is a facilitating program for any teen to slot in and learn how they thrive, learn how there is an opportunity in any nation where you can just say ‘here I am’” Naomi – Mission Adventures The Mission Adventures team from YWAM Wollongong led their first school group on an overseas outreach – […]

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A Prayer for Cambodia

At the end of our 2012 Media2Go Film Fest, the audience was treated to an unexpected reading of ‘Cambodia: A Prayer for a Nation’, written and performed by John Thomson. His prayer was a fitting conclusion to an evening focused on a nation that has experienced so much turmoil and reminded us of God’s heart and dreams for the future of Cambodia.

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Voices of Cambodia

After dining in our town’s finest and only Italian restaurant (actually, the only restaurant. Period.), the filmmakers (students) headed back up the moonlit street. This was their moment to shine.  After a grand welcoming from an enthusiastic crowd packed into the Lodge Theatre (the YWAM base dining room), it was time to consume the visual […]

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