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Teleó – Tundra Vole

Teleó (“consummation” in Ancient Greek) by Tundra Vole is a collection of songs written for the soundtrack of ‘Find Yourself in The Story – The Video Series’ including the b-side ‘‡ Brother’s Keeper (Ghost Town)‘.   Teleó by Tundra Vole   This is what Tundra Vole has to say on this melodic take on what it means […]

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The Story – Video Series

Create Emerge celebrated the launch of with the release of  ‘The Story-Video Series’. This six part video series artistically portrays the great story of our Creator, and our existence within that story. From the epic to the infinitesimal, exploring this story moves us closer to a God who knows us, loves us, and grants meaning to our searching. […]

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There Must be More

  When we first set foot in Australia in 2005, we expected to get some training in media and then head back home to be a part of mobilising a generation of  young Canadians into cross-cultural missions. God had other ideas.  As we sought direction for our next steps, Create Emerge was born, alongside a love for Australia. […]

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We’re Film Festing

We always joke that we’re all in this for the accolades and recognition (ha, ha). Still, it’s fun to see our work getting out there. One of our recently completed videos—Noble Warriors—will be showing at the upcoming Missions Fest Vancouver Film Festival.

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Experience Burma

Bamboo, bunting, oriental umbrellas and a scattering of lamps and lanterns set the stage for our latest ‘Experience Burma’ presentations. Consisting of short films, live music and authentic Burmese food, these presentations provided an ideal platform to share some of our recent video projects filmed during Media2Go’13.

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Home Sweet Home

In another post, I reflected on God’s faithfulness to us on our ‘sometimes blindfolded’ nomadic journey–a familiar journey to the writer of Hebrews who said,  “By faith Abraham, when called to go to a place he would later receive as his inheritance, obeyed and went, even though he did not know where he was going.” […]

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Running to God-tunes

One of the foundations of our team is prayer and worship, so it’s no surprise that we’ve been deeply impacted and encouraged  as individuals and as a community of ‘creative-types’ through music.  Whether it’s on a sunrise beach run or an early morning airport run, music has always been a vehicle for transporting me to a higher place and […]

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