A Day with a Midwife

Early this year, I was able to go on outreach with the Birth Attendant School (BAS) from YWAM Perth. Leading up to our departure date, I realized this trip would be a perfect opportunity to make a film about what my wife Hollie and the rest of the team have been doing on the school for the past several years.

A co-worker and I spent some time in prayer and decided to film the project as a day ‘through the eyes’ of a BAS student. We arrived in India, began shooting, and before long the story started coming together. Our times of prayer were especially important in maintaining focus, bringing unity, and renewing passion. (Not that we didn’t struggle with all three of these areas regardless!)

Putting together the first half of the film seemed especially easy. I was very grateful that that part of the story flowed so well. The real challenge came as I started to put together the hospital sequence. We filmed quite a bit, but even so, the process was fairly new to me. Fortunately, I had a couple more months of outreach in a different location where I was able to put a lot of time into editing. Making this film was a challenge at times, but through the process, God has shown me much more about Himself and what He is doing to bring life to those who are suffering.

Since the film has been online, I have had a number of very encouraging comments. I was told of one young girl that heard of the film through one of the BAS staff, watched it, and decided that she wants to be a birth attendant in missions! My hope is that many more people will see the film and discover that it is possible for anyone to get out there where people are in need and make a difference. The kingdom of God is built up through many small acts of selfless love. The women of the BAS are great examples of that.


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