A Prayer for Cambodia

At the end of our 2012 Media2Go Film Fest, the audience was treated to an unexpected reading of ‘Cambodia: A Prayer for a Nation’, written and performed by John Thomson. His prayer was a fitting conclusion to an evening focused on a nation that has experienced so much turmoil and reminded us of God’s heart and dreams for the future of Cambodia.

Cambodia: A Prayer for the Nation

Behind the shimmering facades,
Of the glamorous promenades.
Looking past the riches and bright lights,
Of the pagodas and the tourist sights.
Beyond the pomp of the government,
The flash cars and property development;
Stop and see the way of Khmer families;
Their homes, markets and industries.

Here are the souls that cry for what is lost,
And shed tears for the ongoing cost.
Where the smiles are an awkward mask,
Hiding the pain behind each and every task,
A body that is wounded and scarred,
And a spirit that is so badly marred.
Yet, it is here that the blood of a nation courses.
Here, the heart of Cambodia pulses.

It is in each family that one can see,
The hope that Cambodians have to break free,
From a cruel history of repeated destruction,
Taking off the shackles of war’s desolation,
To open their hearts to a new light,
And look to a future that’s still out of sight.
A time of justice and opportunity,
And the prospect of shared prosperity.

My prayer for the whole of Cambodia today,
Is that the gospel of Christ will find a way.
That the love of God will bless the nation,
By changing each heart in every generation.
That God’s Kingdom will come- as is His intent,
For His light to dispel all the darkness present,
And that people and the country will be healed,
So all the world will marvel at God’s goodness revealed.

John 5:12

John Thomson
Student – Media2Go 2012
© 2012

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