Heading North

One of the beautiful aspects of being part of a local YWAM community is that you’re part of a much bigger community too. Just as God moves amongst us here in Wollongong, He’s doing the same in YWAM communities throughout Australia, and the world. We’re like an extended family whose members live far apart, and who only get to see each every few years, or even not at all.

A couple months ago, we got a call from some of our brothers and sisters up in YWAM Townsville. They had a bunch of great footage from their outreaches to Papua New Guinea. But now they were faced with the daunting task of turning it into something cohesive. Could we help?

When it comes to scripting a video, we’re not experts. We struggle with the process ourselves. It’s never easy, but we try, try, try to get it right. So we said “well, we can give it a try together.” And, failing all that, we could all bang our heads against the wall in frustration.

After landing in Townsville, it took us almost a full day to get our heads around all that YWAM Townsville has brought to PNG (God bless them, it’s been a lot), and what they’re planning to do in the future (again, a lot).

In short, YWAM Townsville runs a number of medical ship outreaches to PNG each year, providing basic health, dental, and optometry services to those who could never otherwise afford it. Papua New Guinea is one of the poorest nations on earth, and YWAM Townsville does their best to help fill some of the huge void that exists there.

We spent the next day reading through the transcripts of each ship volunteer, local PNGer, and Australia politician who had given an interview. There was lots of good stuff to choose from, but our job was to keep sifting until we found ‘the gold’; those few soundbites that would say all that needed to be said in under 5 minutes. Once you’ve found the nuggets, it then becomes a process of figuring out how it all fits together. It’s kind of like sewing a fine tapestry – this soundbite has to thread into this soundbite, and this one to that one, and so on. Take out one one thread, and the whole thing can fall apart.

Normally this process takes us ages, and we aren’t often faced with the sort of time restraints we faced in Townsville. We had 6 days to work together. And work we did, thanks in no small part to the endless flow of coffee provided to us (we could write a whole entry on YWAM Townsville’s hospitality alone).

As a ministry, we have a mandate that helps us guide where we channel our efforts. Heading up to Townsville didn’t really fit into our normal parameters, but still we felt God gave us the go ahead to help out a brother in need. We’re so glad we did. Even though we worked hard, we managed to have a bit of fun too.

And after some long days, and a few long nights too, we got the script to a place where our new friends up north could take it and ‘run with it.’

And, we have to say, they did a great job of taking it to the finish line. Be sure to check it out!

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