Are you a budding videographer? Like to get into editing short videos and documentaries? Looking for a way to empower your passion for mission with hands-on training and experience in video production? Why not join us for a Media2Go Documentary Training Seminar?

What is Media2Go?

Media2Go is a 6-7 week intensive media course and field assignment developed, facilitated, and staffed by Create Emerge (Create International).

M2G is a ‘feet-wetting’ experience in all aspects of documentary film-making—camera technique, audio, scripting and editing—geared towards individuals with a desire to document stories of transformation throughout the world.

M2G will provide an opportunity to experience working in a team environment, maximizing creative potential by blending complementary skills and giftings.


2 Weeks Pre-Trip Training

2 Weeks Docu-Trip

3 Weeks Post-Production Training


Topics covered include:

  • Pre-Production/Pre-Trip Planning (developing story and creative concepts, shot-lists, equipment operation, interviewing basics)
  • Video Camera Operation (types of shots, movement mechanics, camera operation basics)
  • Audio (use of microphones, on-field audio basics)
  • Photography (composition, basic lighting and camera techniques)
  • Post-Production (storytelling in editing, creative editing, use of music, understanding formats, Final Cut Pro basics)
  • Creating With God (role of prayer and team process)
  • Biblical Understanding of Holistic Mission (identifying and advocating for the vulnerable, isolated and oppressed;  big picture story of what God’s doing in the world)
  • Understanding Mobilization (elements of presentation, use of media)

Dates and location:

Yet to be determined


Highly recommended: laptop with video editing software and digital camcorder or digital SLR camera.



Scholarships Available:

Create Emerge offers some scholarships to married couples and students with citizenship in World B & C countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, South Africa, Nigeria, India, and China.  Please contact for further information.


The Focus

A good story can change your life.  It’s happened to us, and it’s probably happened to you.  We’ve devoted ourselves to creatively telling stories of ordinary heroes who rarely make it into the mainstream media. These are stories of people overcoming in difficult circumstances, refusing to quit, passionately standing on behalf of the ‘weak’, championing others, loving enemies, doing justice, loving mercy, and walking after God… Thousands of stories are out there waiting to be told: stories that challenge, educate, inspire, awaken, and provoke a response.

The world needs more storytellers!

Read student testimonies | M2G 2012 video projects

Application Process:

There is no previous YWAM experience required when applying for Media2Go.  So, if you’re interested in finding out about details for any future M2G Documentary training Seminars contact us and we’ll keep you updated.

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