Learning to Thrive

“Mission adventures is a facilitating program for any teen to slot in and learn how they thrive, learn how there is an opportunity in any nation where you can just say ‘here I am’”

Naomi – Mission Adventures

The Mission Adventures team from YWAM Wollongong led their first school group on an overseas outreach – to Siem Reap, Cambodia – in March 2016.

Watch highlights of the outreach involving students and staff from Greenacre Baptist Christian Community School in Sydney. While in Siem Reap they taught English, prayed for the sick, led childrens’ programs, and served in a drug rehab centre. Above all, they gained much love and appreciation for the beautiful, hospitable Khmer people.

If this video sparks a desire to take a group on a similar mission trip and you’d like to explore how that might look, please contact Naomi at ma@ywamwollongong.org

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