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Teleó – Tundra Vole

Teleó (“consummation” in Ancient Greek) by Tundra Vole is a collection of songs written for the soundtrack of ‘Find Yourself in The Story – The Video Series’ including the b-side ‘‡ Brother’s Keeper (Ghost Town)‘.   Teleó by Tundra Vole   This is what Tundra Vole has to say on this melodic take on what it means […]

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Running to God-tunes

One of the foundations of our team is prayer and worship, so it’s no surprise that we’ve been deeply impacted and encouraged  as individuals and as a community of ‘creative-types’ through music.  Whether it’s on a sunrise beach run or an early morning airport run, music has always been a vehicle for transporting me to a higher place and […]

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Journey to Media2Go

Carla shares her journey to Media2Go and how she’s been able to combine her creative gifts and passion for missions with hands-on training and experience in video production. A student project filmed and edit by fellow M2G 2013 students.

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Are you a budding videographer? Like to get into editing short videos and documentaries? Looking for a way to empower your passion for mission with hands-on training and experience in video production? Why not join us for a Media2Go Documentary Training Seminar?

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A Prayer for Cambodia

At the end of our 2012 Media2Go Film Fest, the audience was treated to an unexpected reading of ‘Cambodia: A Prayer for a Nation’, written and performed by John Thomson. His prayer was a fitting conclusion to an evening focused on a nation that has experienced so much turmoil and reminded us of God’s heart and dreams for the future of Cambodia.

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Media2Go 2012

In April 2012 we ran our first Media2Go documentary training seminar which included a 2 week docu-trip outreach in Cambodia. We had 8 students from 6 nations, coming to us with a wide range of experience in mission and media. Check out what they have to say about their Media2Go 2012 experience.

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